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Creating business value through human factor insights

Know your users. Explore their needs and ways of life.

Make better decisions.


Are your innovation efforts on the right track? Do people have the needs that you assume?

Are your consumers open to new solutions?


What is the experience like, of using your products and services? Do customers understand your solution?

How can you involve them more?


Does your concept speak to people about achieving their goals? Does it promise a pleasurable experience?

Jeppe Linnet




I have been helping businesses understand their customers and innovate solutions for 15 years, delivering deep & strategic research into users & consumers. My career in consultancy spans company roles as Senior Qualitative Executive, Head of Innovation, company founder and CEO.

My 15 years of working with markets & culture include 7 years of academic research. I am a social anthropologist with expertise on consumer culture and the Nordic region.

I did a PhD on hygge, the  Danish concept for everyday social well-being. See my scientific articles and interviews elsewhere on this page. I have also produced four documentary films on hygge.

My experience covers both B2B and B2C, and sectors such as technology, healthcare, transportation, and construction & industry. My role on projects can be leading only, but I´ll usually execute a main part of the research.

About Linnet Research

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Founded in 2010 by Jeppe Linnet, social scientist and Senior Business Anthropologist.

Built on a passion for how deep investigations of the human factor, and how it plays out in the real world.

The company delivers insights that:

– help clients see the big picture in a complex world

– help them take successful decisions

The Linnet Research Innovation Journey helps businesses implement their customer insights in the development of new solutions.

Linnet Research collaborates with a network of senior research associates and producers of visual content.

The company is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.