Our webpage got sick! While staying in a dirty webhotel called Gigahost.

Now we are healthy again, and have moved to a better place. All pages are being rebuilt.

We are open for business, and the webpage will soon be up and running.

You can reach Jeppe Linnet at jeppe@linnetresearch.dk or +45  61 77 77 67

Meanwhile, Linnet Research is live and posting on user, market & culture | insight & context at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeppelinnet/


For work on hygge

A quick read definition: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/definition-hygge-jeppe-linnet-phd/

Jeppe´s academic work: Download most popular article on https://www.academia.edu/714349/Money_cant_buy_me_hygge_Danish_middle-class_consumption_egalitarianism_and_the_sanctity_of_inner_space

Browse the rest on https://independent.academia.edu/JeppeTrolleLinnet