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Know your users and customers. Explore their needs and ways of life. 

Make better decisions.

How should you prioritize your innovation efforts? Before you invest in developing new solutions, let us give your assumptions a qualitative reality check – and help you know your users and customers better.

We help businesses build their use case, and develop solutions for connected living and enterprise, that deliver value to users and society.

Users & Market

Insight & Context


– businesses innovate on the forms of value that they exchange with users and customers.

– clients know what matters to their customers, and the impact of trends upon that relationship. 


– where users work, live, play and shop, to research how they interact with each other and with devices, systems and the brands of producers.


– back in order to look ahead: What benefits do existing solutions offer, that new ones should retain or advance? 


Do your customers or employees understand your solution or concept? Does it:

– delight people with personalized pleasure, comfort, even hygge? Ot at least: With relevant and compelling contact points? Whether human or technological.

– evoke skepticism or curiosity, resistance or anticipation?

– make a part of life easier for them? Speed up transactions, remove obstacles? Improve transparency? Present users with relevant information and possibilities for action?

– resonate positively with culture and identity? Support people in their goals and aspirations?

What we do: Qualitative Research

Practical value & emotional appeal – we show you what customers want

Does your overall concept speak to people about achieving their goals?

Do you make well founded assumptions about your customers´ needs? What are their goals, desires & challenges? What do they dream of, that no one is offering?

Do users understand your current solution? How do they actually use it? Which problems do they encounter, and what works well?


Is there a potential use case for new services in your market, that can be personalized through AI?

We deliver insights on the AI-human interface.

Healthcare Research

We are well experienced in interviews with both patients, doctors and other HC professionals

Deep value

Anthropological analysis shows the functional, cultural and social aspects value delivered by new services

Develop new solutions

Our innovation journey connects insight with creation

Industrial user research

We have done several projects on materials of industrial production, packaging innovation and distribution logistics

B2C and B2B

We cover the emotional and social terrain of consumption, and the more functional one of work and production