Passion: The human factor in a complex world

I am an anthropologist with a PhD on consumer culture and hygge. One task has always made me work unstoppably and with enthusiasm: To learn about the many different ways, whereby people make themselves at home in the world. To see the patterns in how people feel and act. To understand what is valuable to people, because it helps them have fun, set something into motion, or basically just cope. And to explain this insight in clear terms. Whether to a client, a journalist, students, or the audience at one of my talks.

My background in social anthropology makes me able to investigate values and needs that, if they are satisfied in new ways, can form the basis for a groundbreaking commercial success.

In terms of being a company founder, I have realized that I need a continued engagement with field research, in order to feel happy and motivated. This is one reason for the small size of Linnet Research: Stepping into a role of pure management and strategy, while leaving the actual work to juniors, would not be satisfying for me. What I like however, is to team up with other professionals around interesting projects and clients.

Nordic consumer culture

I have done extensive academic research on Nordic consumer culture (download article here), and how it relates to the home-centered worldview and egalitarian norms of the Scandiniavian middle class.

Research and teaching

While employed as PhD and post doc, I was teaching consumption theory and research methodology at Department of Marketing and Management, University of Southern Denmark. (Danish CV: Linnet CV juni 18)

I have published original research in leading academic journals, on how to analyze the contexts of everyday consumption, on hygge and Nordic values, hygge and urban café culture, and on social change in Eastern Europe. My 2011 article on context with Professor Søren Askegaard of SDU is heavily cited within academic research on consumer culture and marketing.

Consulting experience and focus

Since 2003 I have been working with innovation and qualitive research, as a senior consultant and a director of innovation in two different agiencies, and as founder of my own company. My client experience spans B2B, B2C, public organizations and healthcare. I have provided insights to some of the world´s largest consumer-oriented corporations, such as Unilever, Arla, Coca Cola, Cadbury Schweppes and a range of technology producers. I have built extensive experience in interviewing doctors, patients and other healthcare professionals, working for a range of global companies in the medical sector. Within industrial innovation, I have been leading B2B customer research and product/service design processes around construction methods and materials. Linnet Research has worked for corporations such as Aalborg Portland, Danish Construction Association, ISS, Danica Property and Deas Housing Management, often in cooperation with Rambøll Management.

I do market research on a broad range of issues, but look to new technology in particular, and how it changes the way that humans form relations and accomplish tasks. I regularly attend conferences on technological  such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and the Blockchain. I am a censor at the Department of Techno-Anthropology at Aalborg University. I had a leading role in designing the program in Market and Management Anthropology at the University of Southern Denmark.

I have a deep and broad experience with the design and execution of all phases of qualitative market research, as well as international project management.


Besides consulting, I can be booked to deliver talks on issues around consumption, markets, culture and everyday life in Denmark, including the phenomenon of hygge. I am a dedicated speaker who reaches out to the audience. I take pride in explaining the workings and interrelations of culture, morality, technology and market, doing so in a way that is comprehensible and thought provoking, also to a lay audience.