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I define hygge as an atmosphere that allows dwelling. If that sounds a bit abstract, try this: Hygge can be defined by the interrelation of two aspects (which my research shows constitute the experience of hygge):

Firstly, being in the company of others in a way that feels friendly, forthcoming and undemanding, so a warm resting in the presence of people who are easy to get along with.

Secondly, being in a place where one is welcome to be, and to stay, just as one is. Not required to produce or attain anything. It can be one´s home, someone else´s or somewhere that is public, but has what Grant McCracken calls homeyness. A place that offers comfort and shelter and has some personality, feels lived-in. Civilized and pleasant but not grand, with proportions that fit the human body and are immediately graspable by the senses.

I have defined the concept more thoroughly and more academically, explaining each sentence of the definition, in this essay.