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Academic papers

A 2019 book chapter based on a conversation with Jonathan Bean, hygge architecture researcher. Discussing various perspectives on hygge that have not yet been explored, and future directions for hygge research. “Perspectives on hygge: The kolonihave discourse”.

My article “Money can´t buy me hygge” (2011) was the first, international peer-reviewed article to analyze hygge in depth.

Hygge in cafés: A 2014 article I wrote on hygge in cafés, its relation to the surrounding urban ambience and the role of proximity, distance and mutual gazing.

“Courage and coziness: Soldiers made in Denmark”. What hygge can do for a particular professional group, in a certain moral context. A 2016 article I coauthored on Danish soldiers in Afghanistan, and how hygge plays into the way they are perceived by the Danish public, their family back home, and soldiers from other nations of the coalition.

Essays, talks and newspaper articles

A definition of Hygge. An essay.

“Counter Culture Coziness”, a talk I gave in Riga, Latvia.

How to make Guernsey the best place in the world? A talk I gave at the Guernsey Thrive 2020 conference, on The enjoyment of everyday life: some lessons from Danish Hygge

Three brief essays for Danish readers, published in K-Forum. Here, here and here.

International media on hygge: A pdf of articles in which I am interviewed on hygge.