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Our mission is to empower our clients to take better decisions, hereby creating more value for their customers, stakeholders, themselves, and hopefully also, for society and humanity.

We help organizations navigate that complex field of human factors, which is “the marketplace”.

Our passion is to comprehend the human factor. Humans are rarely good at understanding themselves. People continually forget to take into account the differences that exist between themselves and others when it comes to knowledge, preferences and moral boundaries.

We bring corporations and their customers and closer to each other. We believe that less economic value and intellectual passion will go to waste, if businesses achieve a better understanding, of how their solutions become relevant and attractive to people.

Our business is our ability to help clients develop devices, systems, symbols, aesthetics, communication and solutions, that are better than those that already exist. Better because they surprise their users in a positive sense, by meeting them where they are, and helping they achieve their goals. Better because they take the human factor into account: Our social bonds, our need for beauty, dignity, shelter, recognition, personal and social development, our too-easily-forgotten search for meaning.