I provide strategic advice and market analysis, based on insights from qualitative research and anthropology.

Examples of markets and work I do for clients:


  • Exploring with patients their treatment experiences, drug effect perceptions, compliance and cooperation with healthcare professionals. Through interviews, online or face-face.
  • User research investigating how, under real-life conditions, devices and packaging are put to use and communication perceived.
  • Uncovering, in interviews with healthcare professionals, how they diagnose patients and decide upon treatment, and have experienced patient cooperation and compliance.
  • Documenting doctors´ use of guidelines and rationales for switching between treatments.

Consumer goods and services

  • Exploration of emerging social groups, trends, markets and forms of value.
  • Ethnographic research in specific sites, situations and categories of consumption.
  • In-depth research on target groups, focused on elements of strategic importance.
  • Online panel moderation, facilitating a long-term dialogue with target groups.
  • Brand & communication focus groups, uncovering perceptions and testing propositions.

Construction & Industry

  • Business-to-business research: Interviews with your partners and clients on the expectations and experiences that are relevant to your business development and future partnership.
  • On-site user research with construction workers and managers on their use of methods and devices, uncovering the potential for new product development towards sustainability, automation and safer work methods.
  • Uncovering unmet needs for the development and marketing of new products, distribution methods, packaging and communication.

Urban space & buildings: Service design and property development

  • Workshops that help process owners keep development elements aligned, and focused on people: Users, professional stakeholders, and the perception of the general public.
  • Testing concepts for facility management solutions with decision makers and future users and suppliers.
  • Research on the use and perception of specific urban areas by inhabitants, shoppers, professionals, commuters, and other social groups.
  • Forecasting the effect of planned developments through citizen dialogue, expert interviews and desk research.

Hygge (my PhD topic) 

  • Media interviews.
  • Talks and cultural insight seminars.
  • Communication and branding work (e.g. tourism and hospitality).
  • Academic lectures and writing.