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In-depth interviews

Uncover unmet needs

Ethnographic observation

Video and audio documentation when feasible

Online customer panels global and local

For both prototype testing and primary research 

Tools of the trade

How do we uncover the unmet needs of users and customers? We go out and talk to them, using systematic research methods while being open to a range of conversations. We ask questions and propose ideas that our client needs feedback on. Clients are welcome to join us in the field, if research conditions allow it.

In video and audio, we document the ways that people feel about your product, work and play with it, display it to others, perhaps even modify it. We collect data in depth and analyze patterns of needs and behavior. We apply a deep professional knowledge about culture, social groups, and the trends that influence your market and the world.

We also collect data and test ideas and prototypes online, where we recruit groups of users and potential customers to form a market research panel. Online methods can stand alone to form the basis of an innovation journey, or complement face-to-face interviews and observations.