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I wrote my Phd on hygge in Danish families (2011). My 2011 article “Money can´t buy me hygge” (citation count) was the first international, peer-reviewed article to analyze hygge in-depth. Download it here:

I have written a brief essay on the definition of hygge:

New work on unexplored questions around hygge keeps coming out. In this paper, I am in a conversation with Jonathan Bean, hygge architecture researcher, on these issues and future directions for research. “Perspectives on hygge: The kolonihave discourse”. Download it here:

I have been interviewed as an expert on hygge in The Economist, The Guardian and other Danish and international media. See collected media coverage of hygge here:

Watch my talk on “The enjoyment of everyday life: some lessons from Danish Hygge”. Presented at the Guernsey Thrive 2020 conference, under the theme “How to make Guernsey the best place in the world”?

Watch my evening seminar talk on “Counter Culture Coziness” from Riga, Latvia, presented at The Chomsky Bar – a very authentic location, suitable for illustrating urban hygge.

Hygge at war!  How culture becomes a resource for a professional group, in a particular moral context. See the article I coauthored “Courage and coziness: Soldiers made in Denmark”. What hygge can do for a particular professional group, in a certain moral context. A 2016 article on Danish soldiers in Afghanistan: How hygge plays into the way they are perceived by the Danish public, their family back home, and soldiers from other nations of the coalition. Download here:

On how hygge works in urban cafés, and relies on the presence of other people, even without interaction: My 2014 article “Cozy interiority
The interplay of materiality and sociality in the constitution of cozy 3rd place atmosphere”, is about urban ambience and the role of proximity, distance and mutual gazing. Download here:

My work on hygge relates to my interest in the Nordic region and consumer culture. See what I and others have to say about that here:

For Danish readers, three brief essays on hygge written for K-Forum:

I am currently involved in producing four short documentary movies on hygge.

Will be released on YouTube in late autumn 2019