+45 6177 7767 jeppe@linnetresearch.dk

In day-to-day operations, Linnet Research is a one-man band.

Jeppe Linnet handles the following:

Client contact

Research design

Mid-project debriefs

International research coordination

Workshop presentation of results

When relevant to the focus and scope of the project, and agreed with our client, we involve experienced freelance partners on data collection, analysis and reporting.

On some projects Linnet Research is the sole provider of customer research and innovation workshops. On others we team up with freelancers and other agencies. Or assist other suppliers as subcontractors. We are happy to enter collaborations with experienced suppliers, whether they belong in the same business as us, or hold competences from a completely different sector. We regularly do so, in order to land new clients, or in other ways, open up opportunities for interesting collaborative projects.

Linnet Research is the sole point of contact for our client. We will guarantee and document the level of competence and experience of everyone involved, and quality check all elements in the execution of projects.